Policy Committee

  • A representative from each governmental unit (e.g. cities, townships and counties) along with a representative of each road commission, the State of Michigan, the Macatawa Area Express and three representatives from the community-at-large make up the Policy Committee.
  • Policy Committee members aid in the coordination and, where appropriate, the consolidation of plans, programs, services, and activities among the units of government.
  • Monthly Policy meetings are recorded and can be viewed on the MACC’s Vimeo Page
  • Click to view the FY2019 Meeting Location Schedule

Policy Committee Members

*David Van Ginhoven, Chair At-large
*Hannes Meyers, Vice-Chair At-large
*Pankaj Rajadhyaksha, Vice-Chair At-large
*Terry Nienhuis, Vice-Chair Holland Charter Township
Howard Baumann Port Sheldon Township
Joseph Baumann Ottawa County Commission
Thomas Bird Ottawa County Road Commission
Ken Deweerdt Fillmore Township
Nancy DeBoer City of Holland
Linda Howell Laketown Township
Jerry Hunsburger Park Township
John Kleinheksel Allegan County Road Commission
Kevin Klynstra City of Zeeland
Eric Mullen MDOT- Statewide Planning
Glenn Nykamp Zeeland Charter Township
Jim Storey Allegan County Commission
Russ TeSlaa Macatawa Area Express
Todd Wolters Olive Township

*Members of the Executive Committee