2019 Commute Challenge Results


During the week, both individuals and teams of all sizes in the Holland/Zeeland area participated in this healthy form of competition, by commuting green. Team categories were determined by the number of team members. At the end of the week, the individual and the team with the highest participation in their category were declared the winners!

2019 Results!


Small Category
1st Place: First United Methodist Church – 75% participation and 146.5 miles
2nd Place: SolidCircle – 73% participation and 158.11 miles
3rd Place: Holland Hospital – 70% participation and 74 miles

Medium Category
1st Place: Holland Christian – 76% participation and 275.10 miles
2nd Place: Butch’s Dry Dock – 76% participation and 83.2 miles
3rd Place: The Beatles – 73% participation and 168.5 miles

Large Category
1st Place: Thermotron – 82% participation and 2,224.5 miles
2nd Place: Holland Board of Public Works – 71% participation and 2,163.9 miles
3rd Place: Gentex – 35% participation and 1,507.4 miles

Individual Category
1st Place: Jason Craner – 100% participation and 215 miles
2nd Place: Keith Gauss – 100% participation and 150 miles
3rd Place: Mallory Huizenga – 100% participation and 8 miles

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