Commute Challenge


During the week, both individuals and teams of all sizes in the Holland/Zeeland area participate in this healthy form of competition, by commuting green. Team categories are determined by the number of team members. At the end of the week, the individual and the team with the highest participation in their category will be declared the winners!

  1. Commit to commuting green two or more days during the week and then register as an individual or form a team with your friends, family, co-workers, church, neighbors, club, sports team, classmates, or any other group of people you’d like to compete with. Register here!
  2. Visit the Recharging Stations! Green Commute participants will receive discounts on things like food, coffee, bike tune-up’s and also get free rides on MAX Transit!
  3. Track your commutes and miles Monday through Friday here on the MACC website. Winners in each category will be determined by their total participation throughout the week. Total commute miles will be used to determine air quality benefits and may be used as a tie-breaker.
  4. Share your progress with us and keep up to date with the week’s events on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @GreenCommuteHZ

Winners from each category will receive a trophy and a single loop outdoor bike rack to keep or donate to a location of their choice!


Small: 2-5 Person Teams
Medium: 6-19 Person Teams
Large: 20+ Person Teams