Transportation Improvement Program

transportation-imp The TIP is a financially constrained four-year program covering the most immediate implementation priorities for transportation projects and strategies from the Long Range Transportation Plan.

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP):

  • Covers a four-year period of investment
  • Is realistic in terms of available funding and is not just a “wish list” of projects
  • Conforms with the State Implementation Plan for air quality, since the counties which comprise the MACC’s Metropolitan Area Boundary are designated as attainment-maintenance areas for air quality purposes
  • Is incorporated into the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.

FY2020-2023 TIP

FY2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Plan – Plan approved by MACC Policy Board on 6/3/2019

FY2020-2023 TIP Projects


Current FY2017-2020 TIP

TIP List of Projects (as of 9/3/2019)

FY2017-2020 Transportation Improvement Program (Includes appendices)


The MACC also annually publishes a list of projects for which federal funds were obligated.  When reviewing the FY 18 Obligated Projects list please note the following:

1.     This list represents projects that were obligated, not necessarily constructed, in 2018.

2.     The costs indicated are amounts submitted when the TIP was developed or from MDOT’s Obligated Projects list – not final audited costs.

The MACC Transportation Technical Committee and Policy Committee released a listing of transportation projects obligated during the 2018 fiscal year.

Federal funding obligated for 24 projects was $11.9 million, with total project costs of $16.1 million.