Watershed Annual Meeting Videos and Presentations

A video and presentations from the Macatawa Watershed Meeting held on December 7 are now available to view or download. The meeting included two presentations from Hope College Advanced Environmental Seminar students about microplatics in Lake Macatawa and bioaccumulation of heavy metals in mushrooms. A GVSU graduate student presented the final results of her research on two-stage ditches. Updates were also provided on water quality monitoring and the activities of Project Clarity.

12-7-17 MACC Annual Meeting from Macatawa Area Coordinating Counc on Vimeo.


Microplastics in Lake Macatawa Sediments by Erin Brophy, Karen Frink, and Max Huffman

Mushrooms and other Fungi as Bioindicators of Heavy Metals in Sites Associated with Industrial Activity in the Macatawa Watershed by Amber Bosch, Kathleen Fast, and Brooke Mattson

Project Clarity Two-stage Ditches by Emily Kindervater, GVSU Graduate Student

Project Clarity Wetland and Lake Monitoring Update (2016) by Maggie Oudsema, Research Assistant, GVSU

Project Clarity 2017 Report of Activities by Dan Callam, Outdoor Discovery Center Macatawa Greenway

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