Current Programs

The MACC is currently administering one grant that provide technical and financial assistance to farmers in specific areas of the watershed to install certain conservation practices.

Great Lakes Commission GLRI Sediment Reduction Program Grant

Macatawa Watershed Sediment Control Project

Corn stover residue management 2012

The MACC was awarded this $241,822 grant in December 2013 to implement specific agricultural BMPs in the top 3 sediment producing subwatersheds (Peters Creek, Upper Macatawa and North Branch – see map below). The BMPs that are approved for this grant include cover crops, residue management and gypsum application. So far, three producers have participated and implemented 96 acres of cover crops and 73 acres of no-till. These practices have resulted in a reduction of sediment delivery to Lake Macatawa of approximately 380 tons per year. The grant is scheduled to end in September 2016 and funding is still available to implement approved practices. Contact Rob Vink for more information about how to apply for funding.

Funding for this grant comes from the Great Lakes Commission Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The Great Lakes Commission promotes the orderly, integrated and comprehensive development, use and conservation of water and natural resources of the Great Lakes Basin.