You make a difference!

Your impact during Green Commute Week!

Photo credit: Rob Walcott

Over the past ten years, 41 different corporate teams from the Holland-Zeeland area have participated in the business commute challenge. Since then 73,780 miles of green-commuting have been collectively achieved by both the business challenge and local residents, saving over $10,500 in fuel costs and reducing over 60,000 pounds of carbon dioxide! That amount of CO2 is equivalent to the weight of about 20 Prius vehicles (each weighing around 1.5 tons)!

The Saving$

By leaving your car in the garage and taking alternative transportation for 3 days of the week, you can save $10 of gas money and keep more than 50 lbs of pollutants from entering the air.  You can also save money on meals and commute expenses – thanks to local businesses serving as Recharging Stations during the week!