Budget & Finance

The MACC is financially supported through membership dues as well as grants and other funding from state, federal, and private sources.

MACC FY 2020 Financial Audit

The dues structure is based on the following formulas:

Cities and townships

One dollar ($1.00) per capita based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, and verified by each local unit of government.

Counties: Eleven cents ($0.11) per capita for the area within the jurisdiction of the MACC. For Allegan County that includes Fillmore and Laketown Townships and a portion of the City of Holland. For Ottawa County that includes the City of Zeeland, a portion of the City of Holland, and Park, Holland, Zeeland, Olive, and Port Sheldon Townships.

County Road Commissions:

For each mile of road that is eligible for federal urban aid funding, the Allegan and Ottawa County Road Commissions pay $125 to the MACC.

Macatawa Area Express Transit Authority:

The Macatawa Area Express Transit Authority pays a flat rate of $6,000.

The Michigan Department of Transportation also provides funding to the MACC for planning activities, as well as specific projects. A comprehensive process is followed to prioritize projects included in the four-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The current TIP brings approximately $116 million in federal, state, and local funds for the MACC area.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has partnered with the MACC since 1996 to improve water quality through the Macatawa Watershed Project. A variety of grants have enabled the MACC to address the goals of the Macatawa Watershed Phosphorus Reduction Implementation  Plan. The goal of this plan is a reduction of phosphorus by more than 70% in Lake Macatawa and surrounding rivers and streams. Watershed/Stormwater dues in the amount of $110,000 are paid by MACC members (except the Macatawa Area Express Transit Authority) based on their pro-rata share of general dues.