Current Programs

Sediment and Phosphorus Reduction

Cover crop

The MACC was awarded a Great Lakes Commission grant in October 2019. The goal of this project is to reduce sediment and phosphorus loading into Lake Macatawa, and ultimately Lake Michigan, by implementing specific agricultural best management practices (BMPs).  BMPs included in this grant are cover crops and grassed waterways. We anticipate installing 1,450 acres of cover crops and nearly 4,000 linear feet of grassed waterway. Combined, these practices will help keep about 700 tons of sediment and over 1,100 pounds of phosphorus out of Lake Macatawa each year. This project is in partnership with the Outdoor Discovery Center Network and Project Clarity.  Project Clarity was publicly launched in 2013 as an initiative to restore the Macatawa Watershed using privately donated funds. The grant is providing over $156,000 to install BMPs and Project Clarity is providing an additional $13,500 in local dollars. Participating producers will be responsible for 5% of the cost. Interested producers should contact Agricultural Technician Rob Vink for more information


Project Clarity

Project Clarity is an initiative of the Outdoor Discovery Center Macatawa Greenway that was launched in 2013. The initiative included a private fundraising campaign to support the implementation of various best management practices to improve water quality, including agricultural practices. An Agricultural Committee was formed to oversee the allocation of funds for agricultural BMPs. The Committee reviews applications and makes funding decisions. The Committee is supported by staff from the MACC and the Outdoor Discovery Center. Farmer’s wishing to apply for Project Clarity funding can download and fill out an application, or you can contact Rob Vink to for more information: or 395-2688.