Green Commute Week 2022


We have some winners of over $500 in prizes!
If your name is listed below, please message me your address so we can mail your gift card. You can either do it through Facebook, or email me at
$50 Gift Card to Velo City Cycles: SCOTT EISEN
$50 Gift Card to Cross Country Cycle: DIANE PAYNE
$50 Gift Card to 42 North: DONNA BOGLE
$50 Gift Card to West Michigan Bike and Fitness: DON BROERSMA
$50 Gift Card to Rock n’ Road Cycle: REBECCA BOCHENEK
$50 Gift Card to Main Street Bicycle Co.: MANDY GUPPY-KOEHN
$25 Gift Card to Sluggo’s Pizzeria: MARIA ROOKS
$25 Gift Card to Windmill Restaurant: JEANETTE LOCHER
$25 Gift Card to New Holland Brewery: PETE HOFSWELL
$25 Gift Card to DeBoer Bakery: ELENA KOVALUYK
$25 Gift Card to Frank’s Restaurant: MICHELLE CALKINS
$25 Gift Card to Russ’ Restaurant: MARK JACOBS
$25 Gift Card to Captain Sundae: JOHN CRAWFORD
$25 Gift Card to Wooden Shoe Restaurant: TONY DiLAURA
Thanks to all who participated. This was an extremely active Green Commute Week, with LOTS of participation. Keep choosing ways to better our environment. You ARE making a difference. We are already looking forward to next year!

CHANGE ONE THING. That is this year’s Green Commute Week challenge to the Holland and Zeeland area.

The MACC is celebrating the return of Green Commute Week! This will be the 15th anniversary of Green Commute Week. This year, we will be extending the “week” to include the entire month of August. Green Commute Week happens each year to educate and encourage local residents to rethink how they get around and reduce their dependence on automobiles. This year, we will be giving away over $500 in prizes! We have (6) $50 gift cards to local bicycle shops and (8) $25 gift cards to popular local restaurants! In addition to prizes, we are giving away free swag. Stop by the MACC office, located at 301 Douglas Avenue in Holland on Wednesdays in August from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. We have vintage t-shirts, spoke lights, frisbees, wooden airplanes, drawstring sportspacks, chip clips, pens, pads of paper, tire pressure gauges, helmet and bike lights, and homeowner’s handbooks.

In addition to free swag and prizes, the MACC is partnering with MAX Transit to offer free bus rides for the month of August. To obtain a free pass, like and comment on our Facebook page, then come into our office on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

MAX Transit free passes can be obtained at:

MACC Office
301 Douglas Avenue
Holland, MI 49424

Please start by watching this video on YouTube:


1. Watch the YouTube video above.

2. Like and follow either the MACC or Green Commute Holland/Zeeland pages.

3. On Facebook, comment on one of the five ways you are participating in Green Commute Week.

4. The drawing for the prizes will take place on September 1, 2022 at the MACC office.

5. Winners will be notified via email, Facebook, or phone.


  1. $50 gift card to Velo City Cycles
  2. $50 gift card to Cross Country Cycle
  3. $50 gift card to 42 North
  4. $50 gift card to West Michigan Bike and Fitness
  5. $50 gift card to Rock n’ Road Cycle
  6. $50 gift card to Main Street Bicycle Company
  7. $25 gift card to Sluggo’s Pizzeria
  8. $25 gift card to Windmill Restaurant
  9. $25 gift card to New Holland Brewing Company
  10. $25 gift card to DeBoer Bakery
  11. $25 gift card to Frank’s Restaurant
  12. $25 gift card to Russ’
  13. $25 gift card to Captain Sundae
  14. $25 gift card to Wooden Shoe Restaurant