Hope College Research


Presence or Absence of Microcystins within the Lake Macatawa Watershed

Heavy Metals within Construction Site Runoff


Reconnaissance of Rainwater Composition in the Holland Area in Relation to Wind Directions During Rain Events

Measurement of Light Pollution at 10 Holland Area Sites Using Night Sky Photography and ImageJ Counting Software


Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in channel catfish and yellow perch in the Lake Macatawa Watershed
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An Experimental Evaluation of Vermiculite and Hugelkultur Effectiveness in Remediating Metals in Runoff

Heavy Metals in Drinking Water and Soil on and around Hope College’s Campus

Heavy Metal Uptake in Garden Vegetables


Mushrooms and other Fungi as Bioindicators of Heavy Metals in Sites Associated with Industrial Activity in the Macatawa Watershed
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Plastics in Lake Macatawa Sediments
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December 2016

Antifouling Paints: heavy metals pollution in Lake Macatawa
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Effectiveness of Phosphate Retention in Constructed Wetlands
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May 2016

Correlation between road salt use and Na+, Cl- in urban waters within the Macatawa Watershed
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Analysis of Phosphate Flux in Response to Snowmelt and Rain Events in the Macatawa Watershed
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Effects of Suspended Sediments on Daphnia manga
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Analysis of Particulate Matter in the Lake Macatawa Watershed Air

Analysis of pH Buffer Capacity of Soil in the Lake Macatawa Watershed

Lake Macatawa Dredging Reuse Analysis

Applied Effectiveness of Vegetative Barriers in the Trapping of Phosphate-Bound Runoff Sediment in the Macatawa Watershed


Heavy Metal Uptake in Lake Macatawa Fish

Bioaccumulation of Lead in Neogobius melanostomus within Lake Macatawa


Uptake of Phosphorus and Iron in Duckweed


Analysis of Green Roof Runoff: Implications for Design and Construction

“Only Rain Down the Drain” Evaluation of Elemental Analytes in Street Sweeper and Catch Basin Sediment in Holland, MI


Carcinogens within Lake Macatawa

Identifying Sources of Fecal Coliforms in Lake Macatawa via Antibiotic Resistance Analysis

A Recycling Initiative at Hope College


Effect of Turbidity on Dissolved Oxygen in the Lake Macatawa Watershed

Detection of Trace Volatile Organics in Small Roadway Bodies of Water


Correlating present erosion risk with streambank vegetation and soil composition

Fueling the Debate: Exploring the Feasibility of Algae as a Biofuel in Holland, MI

Shuttle Bus vs Shuttle Van: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Hope College Transportation

Quantitative Suspended Sediment Analysis


The Effectiveness of Upper Macatawa Restoration


Copper-Washed Soil Toxicity and the Aquatic Arthropod Daphnia magna: Effects of
Copper Sulfate Treatments

Tanning Leaching

Why is the Black River Black?


Examining No Till vs Till Methods

Composition and Effectiveness of Filtration in Natural and Mitigated Wetlands


Assessing the Presence of Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria in Surface Waters Near Area Farms

Copper, Lead, Zinc, and Phosphorus Concentrations in Smallenburg Park Rain Gardens

How do Passing Trains Affect the Noise Level Profile in the Hope College Vicinity?

Environmental Drivers: Relationship Between Actual and Posted Speed Limit, Ambient Light and Traffic Density


Assessing the Presence of Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria in Surface Waters Near Farm Areas

How do Passing Trains Affect the Noise Level Profile in the Hope College Vicinity?


KHI, an analysis of the impact on environment

Determination of the Extent and Sources of Fecal Contamination in Pine Creek

Phytoremediation of Phosphates and Nitrates Using Wetland Plants


Concentration of E. coli as a Fecal Coliform vs. the Concentration of Nitrates and Phosphates in Pine Creek

Effect of Nitrate from Precipitation on the Changing Environment

Determination of the Optimum Width of Buffer Strips and Comparison of their Effectiveness in Wooded and Grassy Areas


Effectiveness of Retention Basins

Microbial Abundance and Sediment Composition of Urban and Agricultural Landuses

Preliminary Toxicological Testing of Lake Macatawa Bottom Sediment


Analysis of Turbidity and Phytoplankton

Correlation of Land Use to Nitrate Concentration and Algal Biomass