Annual Average Daily Traffic (2020)

The Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) counts are in for 2020. The Macatawa Area Coordinating Council (MACC) service area continues to grow, which leads to an increase in traffic. The stretches of road with the most AADT are as follows:

  1. US-31 between Lakewood Boulevard and Chicago Drive (Business Route 196): 46,745
  2. I-196 between the Exit 62 (Hudsonville/32nd Avenue) and Exit 55 (Byron Road/Business Route 196): 39,065
  3. US-31 between James Street and Lakewood Boulevard: 37,514
  4. US-31 between 16th Street and Chicago Drive (Business Route 196): 35,500
  5. US-31 between James Street and Riley Street: 33,432
  6. I-196 between Exit 41 (Blue Star Highway) and Exit 44 (US-31): 33,176
  7. US-31 between Greenly Street and Riley Street: 29,957
  8. River Avenue between Pine Avenue and Howard Avenue: 29,830
  9. US-31 between 32nd Street and 16th Street: 29,757
  10. I-196 between Exit 55 (Byron Road/Business Rote 196) and Exit 52 (Adams Street/16th Street): 29,472