December 2019

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2019 Macatawa Watershed Stakeholder of the Year

The MACC was pleased to present the 2019 Watershed Stakeholder of the Year Award to the Ottawa Conservation District (OCD). Since 2001, this award has been presented annually to a person(s), entity or organization who has been a strong supporter of the Macatawa Watershed or played an important role in advancing water quality goals. The OCD provides technical assistance to all county residents on natural resource issues. Current programs include tree and native plant sales, invasive species management, critical dune assurances, agricultural risk assessment and environmental verification through the Michigan Agricultural Environment Assurance Program, forest management assistance, and watershed projects in several subwatersheds of the Lower Grand River. In 2019, the OCD reached out to the MACC to collaborate on planning and hosting a farm field day and an Ottawa County conservation partner event. These efforts demonstrated their collaborative nature and recognition of the importance of partnerships. The MACC was pleased to have partnered with the OCD on these events and we look forward to continued collaboration on these and other efforts in the future.

Left to right: Megan Boos, Executive Director; Benjamin Jordan, Conservation Technician; Sara Bronkema, Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program Technician; Trevor Rose, Invasive Species Specialist; Drew Rayner, West Michigan Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area Coordinator.