November 2017


Planning Our Future Transportation

The Macatawa Area Coordinating Council is beginning the process of developing a Long Range Transportation Plan that looks 30 years into the future.  The first step in this process is to collect data that provides a baseline for the region. This includes traffic counts, employment data, and estimates of population and housing within the MACC area.  Data will be used in a regional travel demand model to illustrate how the transportation network now functions.  The next step in this process will be to identify locations where future development is expected.  We will be looking at Master Plans within each community and evaluate how land use will impact the transportation system.

As we discuss future travel needs there will be many opportunities for the community be involved over the next 2 ½ years. During this planning process, we will be seeking comments on a regional vision, goals, and objectives.  We will schedule an open house to review transportation projects that are proposed for the region. The planning process will also include a detailed evaluation of future transportation projects and a regional analysis of air quality impacts.  The MACC will develop a final plan by June of 2020.


Clean Air Action days in West Michigan 

The MACC, a member of The West Michigan Clean Air Coalition works to achieve cleaner air in our region. Clean Air Actions Days occur when ozone or particulate in the air reach unsafe levels for those in sensitive groups (e.g. those with respiratory conditions, the very young or elderly, and people who spend much of their day outside). Since much of the pollution comes from fossil fuel emissions, action days were put in place to encourage citizens to limit activities that emit fuels, like driving cars, idling an engine, or mowing the lawn.

In the 2017 season, our region had three Action Days (June 10-12). Warm air is typically needed to form ozone, but particulate matter can reach high levels any time of year. Both ozone and particulate can be harmful to human health over time. To be notified of Clean Air Action Days in the future, be sure to sign up for EnviroFlash email or text alerts. Knowing about a Clean Air day in advance can help you better plan your day and can keep you, your family, and your community healthier! Click the button below to get started.