Bid/RFP Requests

Traffic Counts 2022

The Macatawa Area Coordinating Council (MACC) desires to have 48-hour directional machine counts completed at 50 locations, encompassing the City of Holland and Zeeland, as well as seven surrounding townships. The MACC is requesting your firm to submit a proposal/lump sum cost estimate based on directional volume, classification, and speed counts at 50 locations (100 directional counts).

Traffic Counts will need to be collected beginning after Labor Day and completed by November 1, 2022. MACC staff will provide a spreadsheet and map (if needed) of all 50 locations to be counted. Please submit your lump sum proposal to the MACC by August 19, 2022. Email

The proposed traffic count locations are as follows:

  1. South Shore Dr. W of Lugers Rd. (Holland)
  2. 17th Street E of Ottawa Ave. (Holland)
  3. 7th Street W of Pine Ave. (Holland)
  4. 6th Street E of River Ave. (Holland)
  5. Hope Ave. N of 16th (Holland)
  6. 8th E of Paw Paw Dr. (Holland)
  7. Adams St. E of Quarterline Rd. (Holland Twp.)
  8. Fairview Rd. S of Main Ave. (Zeeland)
  9. Washington Ave. W of Chicago Dr. (Zeeland Twp.)
  10. Port Sheldon St. E of 152nd (Port Sheldon)
  11. 64th S of 32nd St. (Laketown)
  12. 120th N of Quincy St. (Holland Twp.)
  13. 120th N of Riley St. (Holland Twp.)
  14. 120th N of Lakewood Blvd. (Holland Twp.)
  15. 120th N of Van Buren St. (Olive)
  16. Washington Ave. E of Main Ave. (Zeeland)
  17. Washington Ave. E of State St. (Zeeland)
  18. Washington Ave. E of Fairview Rd. (Zeeland)
  19. James St. E of 152nd (Park)
  20. James St. E of 144th (Holland Twp.)
  21. James St. E of River Ave. (Holland Twp.)
  22. James St. E of Beeline Rd. (Holland Twp.)
  23. James St. E of 112th (Holland Twp.)
  24. Riley St. E of 152nd (Park)
  25. Riley St. E of US-31 (Holland Twp.)
  26. Riley St. E of 144th (Holland Twp.)
  27. Riley St. E of 120th (Holland Twp.)
  28. Quincy St. E of Butternut Dr. (Park)
  29. Quincy St. E of 144th (Holland Twp.)
  30. Quincy St. E of 120th (Holland Twp.)
  31. Waverly Rd. N of M-40 (Holland)
  32. State St. N of BL-196 (Zeeland)
  33. Felch St. E of US-31 (Holland Twp.)
  34. Adams St. E of 104th (Holland Twp.)
  35. 88th S of Quincy St. (Zeeland Twp.)
  36. 96th N of Adams St. (Zeeland Twp.)
  37. Main Ave. E of Fairview Rd. (Zeeland)
  38. 16th E of Waverly Rd. (Holland)
  39. 56th N of 141st Ave. (Fillmore)
  40. 66th N or 146th Ave. (Laketown)
  41. Ottawa Beach Rd. E of 152nd (Park)
  42. 64th S of Byron Rd. (Zeeland Twp.)
  43. Adams St. E of 64th (Zeeland Twp.)
  44. Butternut Dr. S of Port Sheldon St. (Port Sheldon)
  45. Butternut Dr. N of Riley St. (Holland Twp.)
  46. 72nd N of Quincy St. (Zeeland Twp.)
  47. Beeline Rd. N of Lakewood Blvd (Holland Twp.)
  48. Beeline Rd. N of James St. (Holland Twp.)
  49. Lakewood Blvd. W of 152nd (Park)
  50. Lakeshore Ave. S of Butternut Dr. (Port Sheldon)