Long Range Transportation Plan


The LRTP is the statement of the ways the region plans to invest in the transportation system. The plan includes strategies/actions that lead to the development of an integrated intermodal transportation system that facilitates the efficient movement of people and goods.

The plan has several elements, for example:transportation long range plan

  • Identifies goals, concerns, and projects
  • Determines project demand for transportation services over 20 years
  • Focuses at the systems level, including roadways, transit, and non-motorized transportation
  • Estimates costs and identifies reasonably available financial sources for operation, maintenance, and capital investments
  • Determines ways to preserve existing roads and facilities and make efficient use of the existing system
  • Is consistent with the statewide transportation plan and local members’ plans

Who is involved in creating the LRTP? The MACC’s Long Range Transportation Plan is developed with input from community stakeholders, the general public, the MACC Transportation Technical Committee, MDOT, and MACC staff. The MACC through its stakeholder list makes special efforts to engage traditionally underserved as well as other interested parties in the development of the plan. To find out more about the public involvement process, please see the 2040 LRTP

The Long Range Transportation Plan was reviewed by Michigan Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration and approved by the MACC Policy Committee. The current Long-Range Transportation Plan has a planning horizon to the year 2040. The 2040 LRTP and 2040 LRTP Appendices are available to view.  Below is a map of proposed roadway expansion projects.  You may also check the 2040 LRTP I&E Projects.