Road Data

Traffic Counts

The traffic count database contains raw traffic count information collected from local jurisdictions and the MACC. The counts represent 24-hour two-way volumes unless otherwise noted. The data is not adjusted to account for any traffic flow changes that may result from seasonal fluctuations. All attempts are made to obtain counts during mid-week average flow conditions.

The user of this data should use all appropriate precautions and good judgment when referencing data contained within this document. MACC staff does not attempt to verify that the count data is reasonable due to the volume of data received each year. Some counts may appear to be higher or lower than expected. If you find a count location with a volume that does not seem reasonable, please contact MACC staff for verification.

Latest MACC Traffic Counts

MACC Traffic Counts 2015
MACC Traffic Counts 2017
MACC Traffic Counts 2018
MACC Traffic Counts 2019 (Volume) (Vehicle Type) (Speed)
MACC Traffic Counts 2020

Ottawa County Road Commission 2010-2019 Counts

MACC Traffic Count Map (2014-2020)

Road Quality

The MACC, in partnership with MDOT, the City of Holland, and County Road Commissions, annually rate our area’s Federal-Aid roads. We are responsible to report the condition of 50% of our roads every year; therefore MACC rates Ottawa County one year and Allegan County the next.

Submitted ratings help identify and prioritize future road resurfacing projects.

Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) is a visual survey of the condition of the surface of the road. It rates the condition of various types of pavement distress on a scale of 1-10. This system is used by most Michigan road agencies.

2017 Federal-Aid Roads (Ottawa County, MACC Area)
2017 Local Roads (Ottawa County, MACC Area)
2018 Federal-Aid Roads
(Allegan & Ottawa Counties, MACC Area)
2019 Federal-Aid Roads (Ottawa County, MACC Area)
2022 PASER Report

Further information on road quality around Michigan can be found on the Transportation Asset Management Council’s website.