Commercial & Industrial

Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping

There are many simple things you can do to manage commercial and industrial land to prevent stormwater pollution. It starts with keeping in mind that what we do to the land can impact the water. This is especially true when there are catch basins and a storm drain system on the property.

Know Your Property

The most important way to prevent pollution is to know what activities occur on the property and which ones have the potential to generate pollution. A basic facility activity inventory can assist with this. The areas of the property that you should inventory include the lawn/landscape, parking lot, building, and accessory buildings. Click here for a sample property inventory checklist. MACC staff are also available to conduct a site assessment for you. Contact Kelly at or 616-393-9453 to schedule a site visit.

Use Best Practices

Once you know the activities that have the potential to cause pollution, then you can implement the right practices to prevent pollution. For example, if lawn mowing occurs, then be sure to sweep all grass clippings off of impervious surfaces and back into the lawn. This will prevent them from being washed into the storm drain and ending up in lakes and streams. A series of tips sheets below include simple actions you can take to prevent stormwater pollution.

Lawns & Landscaping
Parking Lots

Or download all fact sheets in a handbook with additional information: Commercial Handbook