Green Commute

About Green Commute Week

Our annual Green Commute Week is an exciting event designed to promote community awareness about transportation options in the Holland and Zeeland area. Throughout the week, participants choose “green” transportation options when commuting to work or school, running errands, or traveling anywhere else around the community (or beyond)! These alternative modes of transportation benefit the environment, the budget, and both personal and community health. 108,877 Green Commute miles have been tracked since recording started in 2011.

Commuting Green is:

Riding the Bus
Driving a Fully Electric Car

Commute Challenge

Participants commit to commuting green two or more days during the week and then register as individuals or with a team to take part in the “Commute Challenge”, a friendly competition among Green Commuters. Participants log their Green Commute miles Monday-Friday. Those with the highest participation within their category will be declared the winner!

Recharging Stations

Visit the Recharging Stations! Green Commute participants will receive discounts on things like food, coffee, bike tune-up’s, and also get free rides on MAX Transit!

Other Events Throughout the Year

Green Commute Days and Other Challenges

In addition to Green Commute Week, participants will also have the opportunity to participate in Green Commute Days and other month long challenges throughout the year. For more information, visit the Other Events page and be sure to keep up on social media!

Social Media

Be sure to check Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates!

Twitter: @GreenCommuteHZ
Instagram: @greencommutehz