Green Commute

Join Holland-Zeeland area organizations in a Commute Challenge …  ride your bike, walk to work, carpool, or take the bus!


Green Commute School Challenge

WBTSD_2inch_Color-150x150On Wednesday, October 5th students throughout the United States will be walking to school for the 20th anniversary of  Walk to School day. Schools in the Holland-Zeeland Area will have a Green Commute School Challenge to recognize students who Green Commute to school that day! What is involved?  Students  let their teachers know how they arrived to school (walk, bike, share a ride with a friend, take the school bus, or take the MAX bus). A sample attendance sheet and press release are available here. Last year, the winning schools were West Ottawa – Lakewood Elementary and Holland Early College!

Commute Challenge

bike poolers!!During Green Commute Week individuals and organizations are invited to participate  in the commute challenge. Four local employers with the highest participation are awarded prizes.  What does it take to compete? Each member of the team is willing to Green Commute 2 or more days during the week, record miles each day, and then be eligible to receive discounts at restaurants and bike shops, as well as win valuable prizes. Head over to the registration page to pre-register or track daily miles. For more information, please see Commute Challenge Details 2016 or call (616) 395-2688 or email:

Tracking / Submitting Miles

An important part of Green Commute Week is to log your daily miles for a chance for daily prizes and add mileage for yourself or your team!  At the end of the week miles are then used to calculate fuel savings, reduced air emissions… and to choose winners of the Commute Challenge. For more information, please contact us by email: If you have any questions about the program please call (616) 395-2688, ext. 103. For the latest news on Green Commute Events, you may check

Twitter:  @MIGreenCommute


Green Commute Recharging Stations: Discounts on food items and bike services !

J Visscher and free coffee at JPs!All Green Commute participants who sign up with an employer or school (or pre-registered with the Macatawa Area Coordinating Council) and wear a Green Commute Pin are eligible for discounts on coffee and food purchases, free rides on MAX Transit (fixed route service) and bike tune-ups.  How does it work?  During Green Commute Week, participating restaurants and coffee shops provide discounts for customers who choose to ride their bike, walk, carpool, or take the bus. Participants who wear a Green Commute Week pin to a local bike shop beginning in May can receive air and a chain lube, as well as $10 off of bike tune-ups. Check our interactive Recharging Stations Map

Wear your Green Commute Pin and you’ll receive green savings!

How to get a Green Commute Pin?Green Bike Logo

You may stop by and sign up at any local bike shop:  Cross Country Cycle, Lakeshore Cycle & Fitness, Rock N Road Cycle, West Michigan Bike & Fitness, Velo City Cycles, or Main Street Bicycle in Zeeland.  Information is also available at restaurants serving as Recharging Stations.  Download your list of Recharging Station Discounts. Green Commute Pins are provided to all employees participating in the Local Business Commute Challenge.

Green Commute Leadership Ride

Green Commute Leadership Ride 2011 003Each year local business and community leaders are invited to participate in a community bike ride.  The ride is planned to showcase a new non-motorized pathway or on-street bike route in the region. In May of 2016 the leadership ride and breakfast were held at Windmill Island.

Please be sure to check the facebook page for  updates about the ride:


Green Commute Video Contest

Green Commute Video

We like to see innovative ideas encouraging others to bike, walk, bus, or carpool. This year we had a video competition and looked for creative videos that motivate people to Green Commute… in less than 2 minutes!  There were 30 videos submitted.  All can be seen on the Facebook page and the 2015 winning video can be viewed online: YouTube.

Other Helpful Tips To Help With Your Green Commute  

Curious about the impact you can have during Green Commute Week? Green Commute Urban St

By leaving your car in the garage and taking alternative transportation for 3 days of the week, you can save $10 of gas money and keep more than 50 lbs of pollutants from entering the air.  You can also save money on meals and commute expenses – thanks to local businesses serving as Recharging Stations during the week!   Did you know that employers can receive $20 per month in tax write-offs for every employee who commutes by bicycle?  This allows employers to reimburse employees for reasonable expenses such as the purchase of a bicycle, improvements made, and repairs and storage, if the bicycle is regularly used for commuting from home to work. Check the following to find out more about the  Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision.

To find out more about Green Commute Week,  stay connected through Twitter @MIGreenCommute or check our facebook page: